30 November 2018

In order to facilitate improvement of energy performance and quality of municipal illumination in Armenia as well as to reduce its carbon footprint, UNDP-GEF “Green Urban Lighting” full-sized project was implemented from 2014 to 2018.

This Lessons Leared Report provides overview of the major results achieved under each of the project’s four components, including:

  • establishment of an extensive database of information on actual technical condition and per­for­mance of public lighting systems, obtained as a result of audits carried out in 21 municipalities;
  • building capacities of more than 200 specialists from municipalities and private sector on proper audit, design, procurement, testing, installation and operation of EE lighting systems via organization of numerous trainings and through publication of manuals and guides;
  • demonstration of quality improvement and cost saving benefits of modern EE light emitting diodes based lighting technologies via implementation and further promotion of street lighting upgrade projects in 19 municipalities;
  • ensuring compliance testing for light sources (e.g. light bulbs and luminaries) via establishment of a modern photometric laboratory, also serving as a training center for university students or practitioners who are taking courses on energy efficient lighting;
  • securing sustainability and replication of achieved benefits through establishment of 16 municipal revolving funds, where savings from project pilots have been measured, reported and reinvested into 15 new street lighting upgrade projects;
  • improvement of regulatory framework for lighting design, by incorporation of MEPS into the acting technical norms and corresponding revision in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law of the Republic of Armenia and public procurement rules;
  • ensuring high visibility of the project results and facilitation of stakeholder behavior change via regular publications on the project website and project Facebook page, as well as through a media outreach campaign.

Along with description of the above-mentioned major achievements that contributed to the overall success of the project, the report incorporates lessons learned and technical experience gained by the expert team within the course of the project implementation. This information may serve as a good starting point for project developers and implementers not only in Armenia but also internationally, as many aspects of energy efficient lighting are common throughout the world. A separate chapter is devoted to description of the methodology applied for calculation of GHG emission reduction benefits of the project and key assumption made during the calculation process.