Fourth National Communication and Second Biennial Update Report

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Fourth National Communication and Second Biennial Update Report

The project objective is to enable Armenia to prepare its Forth National Communication (4NC) under decision 17/CP7 and the Second Biennial Update Report (2BUR) under decision 2/CP17 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The 4NC and 2BUR will build upon previous studies, self-assessment exercises and will be based on the UNFCCC Guidelines. It will enable Armenia to present the updated information on Convention implementation in a consistent, transparent and comparable manner. The project will be coordinated by the Ministry of Nature Protection under the guidance of Inter-Agency Climate Change Council.

The Project components include: (i) National circumstances and institutional arrangements, as well as other information relevant to the achievement of the objectives of the UNFCCC; (ii) GHG inventory (2014 and 2016); (iii) measures to mitigate climate change; (iv) measures to facilitate adaptation to climate change, (v) Domestic monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system; (vi) production of the Second Biennial Report and Fourth National Communication and Monitoring and Evaluation. The preparation of the 4NC and 2BUR is expected to enhance general public awareness and knowledge, to integrate the preparation process of NCs and BURs and mainstream climate change into national sustainable development process of Armenia. The project will also strengthen the cooperation between Armenia and other Parties to achieve the ultimate objectives of the UNFCCC.


Project Team

Project Staff and Experts


Diana Harutyunyan
UNDP Climate Change Program Coordinator
PhD in Biological Sciences

Tel.: (+37410) 583932 (14)

Tatevik Vahradyan
UNDP Climate Change Program
Expert Team Assistant

Tel.: (+37410) 583932 (18)


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