04 December 2017

On 10 November 2017Armenia along with 4 other Parties participated in the workshop of the facilitative sharing of views (FSV) under the international consultation and analysis (ICA) at the 23rd UN Climate Change Conference of Parties held in Bonn, per the agenda of the 47th Subsidiary Body for Implementation, . In the workshop, UNDP Climate Change Program Coordinator Diana Harutyunyan made a presentation on Armenia’s First Biennial Update Report (BUR) and responded to about 20 questions raised by the delegates of the other Parties. The results of the workshop, including the received questions, will be represented to the national experts to consider them in the frames of national reports.

The FSV is the second and last step of the ICA preceded by the 9-month process of the technical analysis of BUR.

The record of the workshop and related materials are available on the UNFCCC website

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